Do You Have A Retail Store?


Ordering Online

While we ship fountain pens and nibs to customers all over the country and all over the world, we do not have a walk-in storefront. By keeping overhead costs to a minimum, we're able to pass on the savings to you. And given the sprawl and traffic of Los Angeles, ordering online and having your order sent by Priority Mail will still probably prove both easier and more cost-effective than having to show up in person at a store would be.

In-Person Pick-Up Available - But Please Make Arrangements First

That said, if you still would like to either pick up an order or drop off a repair or modification in person, we will accomodate you to the greatest degree possible. Place your order online through the shopping cart and put in the additional information that you would like to pick it up. Once the testing is complete and we have processed your payment you'll receive an email that it's ready to go. From there you'll need to let us know when you're on the way so we can make sure someone is available to come downstairs and meet you Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Keep in mind that we will be charging sales tax on any order picked up at the shop.

And Don't Forget Pen Shows!

If you are in Southern California, don't forget that we're at the Los Angeles Pen Show in February every year - you'll get a chance to meet our nib technicians and see a wide variety of Nakaya pens, all with customized nibs in various tipping sizes that are inked and ready to test write.

We're also planning to attend the Chicago Pen Show in May and the San Francisco Pen Show in August.