Biel Cardona

Born and raised in Menorca (1985), a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, Biel Cardona grew up with a camera in his hands. He later moved to Barcelona to work as a photographer. There, he met his passion for sketching, drawing, and watercolor. Now, again in Menorca, combining his work as a photographer with his passion for art, he produces beautiful work using watercolor and ink wash.
The discovery of a flex nib in the Namiki Falcon, in combination with a permanent ink –Platinum Carbon Black, produces the style he uses today, drawing first, and then painting with color (watercolor) or ink wash (indian ink). Biel Cardona is a member of Urban Sketchers. He often draws on the street in a sketchbook using two fountain pens: Namiki Falcon SF and SB (with flex).

You can see his work and sketchbooks in the blog: