Art Spiegelman draws us a cartoon

Some time ago Art Spiegelman (creator of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning memoir as graphic novel Maus: A Survivor's Tale) sent us several pens that had been either used up completely, or so badly damaged that they were beyond repair. One of his favorite pens had a "Planck" nib that was severely damaged. Although we did the best we could to restore it, he said if we ever found another nib of this kind, he would like to have it. As fate would have it, another of these 1960 "Planck" nibs turned up. We fitted it in a Pelikan pen and sent it off to him.


Art continues to inspire the tradition of comic art with works like In the Shadow of No Towers and his Little Lit publications for children (which the School Library Journal says is "a sensational introduction to traditional literature for a visually sophisticated generation.").
Art lives with his wife, Françoise Mouly, and their two children in New York City.