About Nib Customizations

For more information on nib customizations and why you might want one, see our Nib Customizations page.

Advanced The customization creates a scratchy and/or highly position-sensitive nib, most suited to users who already have experience with calligraphy or who want to learn advanced calligraphic techniques.

Not Recommended The customization can be done on the selected nib, but is not likely to provide much line-width variation. A broader nib will typically be a better choice.

In general, customizations to Stub, Cursive Italic, and Left Oblique provide line-width variation while remaining user-friendly for most writers, while modifications for Flex, Formal Italic, Reverse Oblique, and Spencerian are more suited to advanced users.

Not all customizations are available on all nibs, and some nibs are not suitable for any customizations - in this case, the customizations drop-down menu will be grayed out.