Maki-e, A Story To Be Written

Maki-e: A Story Waiting To Be Written
A Journey Through the World of Lacquered Fountain Pens

by Alberto Gerosa

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Written for both collectors and Maki-e connoisseurs, this detailed book focuses on contemporary Maki-e works created after the year 2000, with an emphasis on companies such as Danitrio, Namiki, Nakaya, and Sailor. Lavish photographs, often taking the form of two-page spreads, create a stunning visual feast for these works of art. Through both text and images Gerosa has managed to demonstrate how modern Maki-e has been able to reconcile its historical roots with new aesthetic forms and designs.

This book focuses primarily on Maki-e pens, using thematic chapters to bring the reader on a narrative-poetic path through Japanese mythology and imagination that inspires the Maki-e art. Also of special interest to regulars is a section devoted to Sailor Specialty Nibs. Gerosa's book is a masterful examination of an ancient art form that continues to thrive and reinvent itself for modern times.

Hardcover, 199 pages. 11 1/4" by 8 3/4", 2 3/4 lbs.