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Our New Look

We’ve got exciting news to share today – has a new look!

I Love Instagram

Let me start with a disclaimer; I am not of the social media generation. That said, I have an abiding interest in photography and am easily caught up by visual stimulation. An example of this is my difficulty to focus on the person I am with when I am in the presence of a TV screen. (In restaurants I look for seating that do not have a screen in view.) So when my wife introduced me to Instagram, a site where like minded and topic driven people find each other, I could not resist.

The Pens We Brought To Japan

For our visit to Japan, we wanted to bring pens representing each vendor we’d be visiting. Below our thoughts behind our choices.


A Nakaya Piccolo Writer in Araishu, with a Medium two-tone nib. The size is right for my hand in the generally larger barreled Nakaya, and the color is to me, quintessentially Japan. The two-tone nib is subtle but a little more detailed than it’s single-toned cousins, and a Medium Japanese nib gives me ease of use while not being overly large or wet.

Japanese Pens and Japanese Knives

If Japanese pens are among the tops in the world, Japanese knives are right up there, too. 

"Craeft" - Book Review

Our generation is bombarded with all manner of objects and advertising that purports to be authentic craft. Many of these are made by large manufacturers looking to capitalize on what is perceived to be authentic. Witness big breweries that produce beers for mass consumption that purport to be "hand-made," when actually they gush from huge pressurized storage tanks. Websites offer game memorabilia that they say is  "authentic craft." No wonder there is confusion. 

Craft Today, a sequel to "Craeft" - Book Review.

OK, let's turn the clock to our post-industrial society and ask questions. What is of value and what sort of activities offer fulfillment?

The Pen vs. The Keyboard

Breaking news: There is good reason to believe using fountain pens is good for your health. 

I am guilty of neglecting my favorite pens in favor of key punches or thumb touches. It turns out that I should feel guilty. There is growing evidence that the way we communicate with ourselves and others can make us happier or not.  Yes, the keys are so fast and searchable, but there is nothing like a piece of paper and a wet line to soothe and connect. 

Los Angeles Pen Show Seminar 2018: Fantastic Nibs

This is a preview to the seminar I'll be giving on Saturday February 17, 2018 at the Los Angeles Pen Show – I'll be looking forward to delving deeper into this subject matter and answering questions as well.