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Visit Us At The L.A. Pen Show February 14-17

We'll be bringing a wide selection of pens from Nakaya, Sailor, Pilot and more to the the 2019 Los Angeles International Pen Show, held at the Westdrift Manhattan Beach (formerly the Manhattan Beach Marriott) on President’s Day weekend, February 14-17.

Nakaya Midori-tamenuri Available Again

Layered Midori-tamenuri, which features a luminous green under-layer against a black background, was only made briefly available by Nakaya in early 2017 before being discontinued.

Pelikan Special Edition M101N Grey-Blue Arriving in March

The latest in Pelikan's series of vintage-inspired releases, the M101N Grey-Blue Special Edition will be arriving in March 2019.

Nakaya Gin Itomaki Featured in "Jon Glaser Loves Gear"

Yes, that really is a Nakaya Piccolo Writer Small Sword Gin Itomaki fountain pen seen in Season 2, Episode 4 of the TruTV series “Jon Glaser Loves Gear” - the pen (supplied by us to the production company at Nakaya’s request) can be seen at

Sailor 1911 Mid-Size Mozaique Pens In Three Colors

Sailor's vibrant Mozaique color pattern has been a favorite for many pen owners, but production of this style has now ceased and Sailor has produced just one final series of pens using this unique pattern.

Pelikan M800 Extra Broad Nibs Now Back In Stock

Pelikan pens are normally made available in nib sizes ranging from Extra Fine to Broad, but by special arrangement we're now able to offer M800 size nibs in Extra Broad as well. These Extra Broad points are particularly well-suited to our exclusive nib customizations, including regrinds to Stub, Italic, and Architects Point.

New Eboya Shipment in Stock

Eboya Pens of Tokyo produces just a small number of hand-turned ebonite body pens each year - wait times of two to three years for a specific model are common, but users of these unique and beautiful writing instruments tend to feel the wait is more than worth it.

Pelikan Ink of the Year Star Ruby Arriving in March

Arriving in March, Pelikan's Edelstein Ink of the Year for 2019 will be Star Ruby, a burgundy-pink hue unlike anything this manufacturer has offered before. If past years are any indication, there will likely be a matching pen being released later in the year as well.

New Visconti Midnight in Florence Limited Edition Arriving in March

Limited to just 888 numbered pieces worldwide, the Visconti Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence Limited Edition celebrates Visconti's home in a moody and evocative design inspired by the nocturnal hues of this ancient city.