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Smaller Is Sometimes Better

I have just set up two Pilot Decimo pens for customers, one of them in Japan, and fell in love all over again. For many years I have enjoyed the Pilot Vanishing Point AKA the Capless fountain pen for its one-handed ease of use. Recently we were able to get the Decimo, a smaller version of the VP. It comes in four, mostly pastel colors. The proportions are pleasing and unlike the full size VP the diameter will fit the pen flap of many notebooks. Smaller is sometimes an advantage.

Danitrio Pens Now Available

Danitrio pens are a unique fusion of East and West - the hand-turned bodies of these ebonite urushi pens are individually hand-finished in Japan, while the 18k solid gold nibs are specially crafted for this California-based company by German nib manufacturer Bock. Danitrio founder Bernard Lyn still guides the company, choosing pens and finishes with a collector's eye and an artist's heart.

Find In-Stock Nakayas - Easier Than Ever Before!

When we launched our newly revamped web site a little less than a month ago, we knew that one feature longtime visitors were going to miss was the old Nakaya Availability Chart, which was updated once a week to let customers know which of these hand-turned, hand-finished ebonite urushi pens were currently in stock.

Holiday Shipping Still Available!

Just a reminder that holiday delivery for your Classic Fountain Pens order is still available. Just consult the list below for service and deadlines for guaranteed delivery by Friday, December 23rd:

UPS Third Day: end of business on Monday, December 19th

UPS Second Day: end of business on Tuesday, December 20th

UPS Next Day: end of business on Wednesday, December 21st

Welcome To Our New Web Site!

John Mottishaw's Classic Fountain Pens, Inc., has been on the web here at the website since 1994. Both the internet and the world of fountain pens have changed a lot during that time, and we've now partnered with our friends at Acro Media in Kelowna, Canada to freshen up the site and add new features.

The New Web Site - A Personal Note From John

When I started Classic Fountain Pens as a business in 1994,  I was working out of my one-car garage re-tipping nibs and restoring vintage flea market pens while also teaching sculpture at Otis Parsons School of Art.  My poet friend Rolly told me that I should have a web site for my new business.  I hardly knew what that was, so I consulted my daughter’s then-boyfriend, who said he would make one for me. He put up a few pages and told me how to put up more. That was how the website was born.  

PenWorld article: Omas in Bologna

The simple 1970's-era industrial building on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy, has an unassuming appearance from the outside. But inside this factory work- shop, some of the most skilled artisans and craftspeople in Europe are handcrafting Omas fountain pens, which have become treasured by pen aficionados all over the world.

PenWorld article: A Matter of Perspective

A New Perspective on Japanese Fountain Pens: Observations on Lambrou and Sunami’s “Fountain Pens of Japan”.

John Mottishaw demonstrates how a new book reveals Japan's extraordinary achievements in pen artistry.

PenWorld article: Deep in the Heart of Sailor

Though Hiroshima is the city most often associated with Sailor, it is actually in the nearby suburb of Kure that the company’s Tenno manufacturing plant is located. My guide and translator on this visit was Mr. Takahiro Inoue, Sailor’s manager of overseas sales, who works in the company’s Tokyo administrative offices. He speaks excellent English, and, ironically, it was his first visit to the Tenno plant as well.

Brushing Up on Sailor Nibs

A recent pen clinic in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by my company, Classic Fountain Pens, and Itoya Inc., the North American distributor for Sailor pens, gave West Coast pen enthusiasts a rare chance to meet Yukio Nagahara, Sailor's chief nib designer. Nagahara also shares the responsibility, along with his father, Nobuyoshi Nagahara, of personally handcrafting each of Sailor's specialty nibs. These are called Nagahara nibs in honor of their development by the elder Nagahara.