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Sailor Specialty Nibs - Customization Alternatives

Sailor Pens of Japan is no longer accepting new orders for their well-known Specialty Nibs, so we are now limited to the very small stock we still have on hand. However, the writing experience afforded by these nibs can often be closely approximated by customizations we offer here in the workshop, and in pen models other than just Sailor.

Fountain Pen Skipping? Causes and Cures - Part 2

In Part 1, we took a look at the relationship between the nib and the feed. But what if the feed itself is behaving badly? A few answers follow...

Warm & Fuzzy

Can a liquid be warm and fuzzy?

Warm, sure. But fuzzy?

If the new Pelikan Edelstein 2017 Ink of the Year stays true to the photos, Smoky Quartz could be just that. It looks like a rich soft brown that you’d want to wrap yourself in on the couch with a cup of cocoa. We’ll get our own images up one the first bottles arrive in March.

It is a limited edition color so if you think Smoky Quartz will work into your rotation you might want more than one bottle!

Fountain Pen Skipping? Causes and Cures - Part 1

Probably the most common question that we get here in the shop is what to do about skippy nibs. This can be such an annoying problem that an otherwise perfectly good pen is put in the back of a drawer, left for dead. While purchasing from a retailer who tunes nibs prior to shipping is a good preventative measure, the question of what to do with pens you already own will often arise. In many cases, some minor adjustments can cure the problem, a few of which can be DIY.

The Cross Peerless Nib - Made In Japan by Sailor

While customizing a Broad Cross Peerless 125 nib unit to a Cursive Italic, I was reminded that these nibs show the quality that is typical of Sailor.  Sailor creates these 18k solid gold nibs specially for American-owned Cross. It made about a .6mm down-stroke and a .2mm cross-stroke, showing good line-width variation when the customization was complete.

New Sailor Barcarolle Fountain Pens Arriving In Late January

If you have always loved Sailor's 1911 Midsize and Pro Gear Slim series pens, but would prefer a writing instrument with just a little more heft, the new Barcarolle model may be the pen for you. Utilizing the same smooth-writing 14k solid gold nibs as the Midsize and Pro Gear Slim pens, but with a metal cap and barrel, these pens add some playful gravitas to Sailor's offerings.

Smaller Is Sometimes Better

I have just set up two Pilot Decimo pens for customers, one of them in Japan, and fell in love all over again. For many years I have enjoyed the Pilot Vanishing Point AKA the Capless fountain pen for its one-handed ease of use. Recently we were able to get the Decimo, a smaller version of the VP. It comes in four, mostly pastel colors. The proportions are pleasing and unlike the full size VP the diameter will fit the pen flap of many notebooks. Smaller is sometimes an advantage.