We Always Wanted the Lamy 2000


For years we tried to get the Lamy 2000 into our stable but were told that we did not qualify as we do not have a bricks and mortar store.  Thankfully something changed so now we are able to see new Lamy 2000 pens in our shop.  As we have done many repair jobs on these nibs we were well aware of what a beautiful and functional design this pen is.

There are so many ways this pen is a classic. The material of the body and cap is a super-strong resin material.  The surfaces are finely scored in parallel lines running lengthways. In fact the entire pen is a study in texture. The nose cone is also textured in a similar way which ads to the “grip” of the pen. It is unlikely to slide in ones fingers. This textural unity is reinforced by the matte surface of the clip.  In fact the only surfaces on this pen that are smooth are the top end of the cap and the super smooth tipping of the nib.

There are few simpler shapes than this fifty plus year design. Created in post-war Heidelberg, Germany, the Lamy 2000 has withstood the test of time. The studied curve of the barrel and the way it meets the cap with a simple step bespeaks a thoughtfulness rarely seen. When the cap is removed the continuity of the barrel shape becomes clear, diminishing in a taper down to the tip of the nib.

It is the little things that have made this pen hold up when others disappeared. The ink view port is covered when the pen is capped, making that feature only apparent when it is needed. The pocket clip is perfectly spring-loaded and capable of opening to accommodate everything from a silk shirt to the thickness of corduroy. The clutch mechanism which secures the cap to the barrel when the pen is not in use is rock solid, preventing the barrel from slipping free in a pocket and ruining good clothes.

Finally, the self-filling piston system is capable of holding almost a full milliliter of ink. I do not know of another high quality gold-nibbed pen that is a piston filler for anywhere near this price. Add to that the range of nibs available with the Lamy 2000 and we have a pen that is likely to be in production for another fifty years.

I am so glad we can finally offer this classic fountain pen to people who understand minimalist quality.  

Publish Date: 
Friday, January 12, 2018

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