San Fransisco Pen Show, Celebrating a Community


Celebrating a community of pen and writing enthusiasts, the San Francisco Pen Show is known for easy-going fun that brings people together. Although commerce (trading, selling and buying) may seem like the main reason for this show, the part that makes me want to come back — and I have not been able to attend in several years — is the great group of people who put on this show and those who are attracted to the good spirits and vibrant atmosphere. 

Classic Fountain Pens will be doing things a little bit differently this year.  We will be showing the range of pen tip customizations that we are developing in our three person workshop. Sometimes we are asked, "How do I know that a custom tip is right for me". So Gena, Jessica and I have created and installed a good number of nibs with special tips in desk pens which will be inked up and ready to write at our test table. This way you can find a nib that meets your size, ink flow and shape preferences as you write.  We will be also have the full range of Nakaya nibs installed in pens and ready for testing. Jonella will be keeping the pens filled with ink and providing a supply of paper so that testing can be thorough. 

I will be arriving on Sunday and will give a seminar on how to make a good writing pen into a truly great one. I look forward to seeing you.  The show runs from August 25th to the 27th.

Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 29, 2017

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