Dog Paradise


Each year, I consider what style and motif to use for our annual limited edition Anniversary Pen. Nakaya has created several very popular pens with cat motifs. But as a confirmed dog-lover (my wife and I are serial owners of five shepherd breed dogs in the past fifty years), I felt that a dog pen was long overdue.

The Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Dog Paradise pen with pink gold
roll stopper, left; to the right, a Nakaya Naka-ai Writer in 
Kuro-tamenuri finish.

So as the year of the dog, 2018, approached, I could see no reason to hold back. Also, our office mascot is currently a rescue German Shepherd. She gives new meaning to the word "loyal." In order to make this fountain pen truly ours, we developed, in collaboration with the skilled designers at Nakaya, a Dog Paradise motif which the artists in Wajima have realized in Yakou Maki-e technique. The motif is used on our own exclusive Nakaya pen body, the Naka-ai. I carry this model most of the time, as it is my go-to pen. See below along with the DP pen.  I like the size, shape and balance, rarely posting the cap. The result is our 23rd Anniversary Nakaya Naka-ai Writer Dog Paradise Anniversary pen, available in three different variations and in only 23 numbered pieces total. The initial response from our customers has been very gratifying, and the available pens are going quickly...I am almost sorry to see them go out the door.

As dogs are so varied in size, shape and, of course, temperament, I decided to include a broad range of breeds in the motif. That said, I used our German Shepherd as the inspiration for the optional roll-stopper, available in both pink gold and fumigated silver. The pink gold version playfully enlivens and brightens the cap. The fumigated silver version adds gravitas to the motif. Because it is silver, it tarnishes in the depth of the surface, allowing more variation from bright to dark. The pen is also available in a version with a standard clip. Playful versus serious, both qualities of a good dog....and a good pen. 

Publish Date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018

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