Pelikan M800 Extra Broad Nibs Now Back In Stock


Pelikan pens are normally made available in nib sizes ranging from Extra Fine to Broad, but by special arrangement we're now able to offer M800 size nibs in Extra Broad as well. These Extra Broad points are particularly well-suited to our exclusive nib customizations, including regrinds to Stub, Italic, and Architects Point.

Just arrived, these brand new 18k solid gold two-tone nibs are offered by us as a standard option on any M800 pen at no additional cost. They are also available for individual sale without a pen - these nib units can be easily swapped at home, and can also fit on any M805 pen.

Available quantities of these Extra Broad nibs are limited, and we have no guarantees about when or if they will be produced again once the current supply is gone. We are an authorized Pelikan dealer.

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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