New Sailor King of Pen Sekigahara Limited Edition Arriving In October


A very special Maki-e pen from noted artist Ikki Moroike, the King of Pen Sekigahara Limited Edition is the first of four Samurai Warrior pens that will be released by Sailor, and is expected to arrive in October 2019. Part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection, it is being produced in just 28 numbered pieces worldwide.

The pen body is hand-turned from natural ebonite hard rubber, and is hand-finished in specialized Maki-e technique utilizing a variety of precious materials, including gold and silver powders and raden. A matching presentation box with complementary motif is also included.

We can now accept just a very limited number of pre-orders for the Sekigahara - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and is ready to ship to you. Part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection, the price is $7600.

Publish Date: 
Monday, July 15, 2019

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