New Nakaya Shipment Arriving Soon - Pens Now Available For Pre-Order


Our next shipment from Nakaya of Tokyo is scheduled to arrive within the next two weeks. If a pen you back ordered is included, you will have already been notified by us earlier today.

After fulfilling all back orders, a very small selection of pens remain available for pre-order. Each will display as Arriving Soon until ordered - if by the time you click on a link below the pen is shown as being on Back Order, someone has already beaten you to it! 

17mm Portable Cigar Kuro-roiro17mm Portable Cigar String Rolled Aka-tamenuri

Desk Pen Sumiko

Dorsal Fin Version 2 Kuro-tamenuriDorsal Fin Version 2 Toki-tamenuri

Long Writer Heki-tamenuri

Naka-ai Cigar Aka-tamenuriNaka-ai Cigar Chingin HousogeNaka-ai Cigar Negoro Kikyo

Naka-ai Writer Ishime-Kanshitsu Kikyo

Piccolo Cigar Heki-tamenuri

Piccolo Writer Toni-tamenuri

Portable Cigar Heki-tamenuriPortable Cigar Nuno Kise Silver Tin

Almost all of the above pens are available in just one or two pieces each. And to see all Nakaya pens that are already in stock and available for immediate shipment, just click here and filter by In Stock Only. 

Publish Date: 
Friday, November 18, 2022

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