New Nakaya Maki-e Pens Now Available


Among our recent arrivals from Nakaya have been a number of higher-end Maki-e pens in new motifs, including the beautiful Naka-ai Cigar Shuro Tree seen here. Inspired by the spreading fronds of an evergreen tree also known as the windmill palm, the pen utilizes bright red Akakuchi-Shu urushi lacquer for the base, and silver and gold powders in Taka Maki-e technique for the motif.

The Naka-ai is our own exclusive model, designed by founder John Mottishaw in collaboration with Nakaya master designer Shinichi Yoshida. The Naka-ai Cigar Shuro Tree sells for $3700, and each individual pen takes up to a year to produce - we do not expect to see another before 2020. To see all Nakaya Maki-e pens currently available, click here and filter by In Stock Only.

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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