New Aurora Limited Editions - 888 Nettuno and 365 Coral Sea


Aurora has just announced two very special limited edition pens - the 888 Nettuno and Optima 365 Coral Red. Each numbered pen is provided with your choice of 18k solid gold nib and is hand-crafted from marbled Auroloide, Aurora's proprietary cellulose acetate derivative.

The 888 Nettuno, in blue and rhodium, pays homage to icy Neptune at the far reaches of the solar system, while the bright red and gold Coral Sea is inspired by the hues of tropical coral reefs. Both pens  use Aurora's reliable and high capacity piston-fill system, which allow the use of any bottled fountain pen ink.

Arriving soon, both pens are now available for pre-order - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and is ready to ship to you. The 888 Nettuno is retail $895, our price $806, and the Optima 365 Coral Sea is retail $795, our price $716. As with any pen you purchase from us, both the Nettuno and the Coral Sea qualify for our complimentary nib tuning services, and can also serve as excellent starting points for many of our exclusive nib customizations.


Publish Date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2019

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