Namiki Emperor and Yukari Royale Urushi Pens Now In Stock


Namiki's Urushi Collection pens in Black and Vermilion, provided in both the Emperor and Yukari Royale models, have been much in demand in recent years - growing interest in these hand-crafted Japanese writing instruments has most often left them as back ordered items, with wait times of up to a year extremely common.

We've just received a larger than usual shipment of these pens, and for the first time in literally years, have at least one each of all four versions in stock: the Emperor Black, Emperor Vermilion, Yukari Royale Black, and Yukari Royale Vermilion.

Available with your choice of 18k solid gold nib in Fine, Medium, or Broad, the Emperor pens are $2000 each, and the Yukari Royale pens $1500 each. We are an authorized Namiki dealer.

Publish Date: 
Monday, July 1, 2019

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