Last Chance For Some Sailor Pens


The Sailor 1911 Full-Size Key Lime

While continuing to produce a flurry of exciting new releases such as the Pirate's Life, Midnight Sky, Wicked Witch of the West, and Lucky Charm pens, Sailor is also phasing out production of a number of long-time standards, particuarly in the 1911 Mid-Size and Pro Gear Slim models.

Among the pens being discontinued are the Anchor Grey, Key Lime, and Millecoloré series pens, along with the Barcarolle model. In the 1911 Mid-Size, the Blue Gold, Red Gold, and Yellow Gold are all being discontinued, and in the Pro Gear Slim the Blue Berry and Framboise will be no longer available.

We have small numbers of all these pens still available for now - nib choices may be limited, and we strongly urge ordering soon if you want to snatch up one of these terrific writing instruments before they are gone forever. We are an authorized Sailor dealer.

Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 24, 2020

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