Last Chance For Nakaya Piccolo and Portable Metal Thread Pens


Nakaya Metal Thread pens, first introduced three years ago in only the Piccolo and Portable models, substitute a smoothly-machined metal thread section for the hand-turned ebonite threading on most Nakaya pens. The savings in skilled labor allow these Metal Thread pens to be sold at $100 less than the same pens with hand-turned threading, and some customers have also liked the slight increase in weight provided by the metal section.

Nakaya has now discontinued production of all Metal Thread pens and will only be producing its pens with ebonite threading. As a result, the Metal Thread pens we still have in stock, almost all in just one piece each, are the last we will have. Nakaya Metal Thread pens are $550 each - click here to see our remaining stock, and here to see the full range of all Nakaya models currently available.

Publish Date: 
Friday, August 9, 2019

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