John Mottishaw’s To Unite with Emmanuel Caltagirone’s The Pen Family

Blog, the online retailer of high-end fountain pens known for the unique nib tuning and customization services pioneered by company founder and owner John Mottishaw, announced today that it is becoming a part of The Pen Family, the innovative group of pen brands guided by Emmanuel Caltagirone. will continue as an online retailer of brands such as Nakaya, Sailor, Pilot-Namiki, and Platinum, and as a retailer of Pen Family brands such as Armando Simoni Club, Bexley, and Wahl-Eversharp. All pens will continue to be offered with the options for tuning and customization developed by Mr. Mottishaw.   
“This is an ideal situation for us,” explains Mr. Mottishaw, who will remain active in nib tuning and customization with the company. “Manu has created something very special with The Pen Family, and he has a vision and aesthetic and love of fountain pens that matches my own.” Mr. Mottishaw will be joined in the workshop by associate Sara R. Rice, herself a longtime pen repair and restoration expert.
“John is an artist in the work he does on nibs, and this new relationship between our two companies will allow him to devote more of his time to the nib work, and allow him to step back from day-to-day company management,” said Mr. Caltagirone, who has been involved in pen manufacturing and sales for over thirty years. and The Pen Family will maintain their separate offices, with John and his team still working out of Los Angeles, and The Pen Family retaining its Miami, Florida office. will also be retaining its noted stand-alone web site, which allows customer to choose all nib tuning and customization choices during the check-out process.
Founded as “Classic Fountain Pens” by Mr. Mottishaw in 1994, quickly grew from a nib and pen repair and restoration service to a full-featured online retailer specializing in the sale of fountain pens with the solid gold nibs suited to Mr. Mottishaw’s tuning and customization work. Inks, books, and accessories are also offered on the web site, which has become familiar to pen users for its wealth of information on pen maintenance, nib selection, and customization options.

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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