Introducing Scribo Fountain Pens - Sophisticated Style From Bologna, Italy


Founded by former employees of the much-missed OMAS Pen Company of Bologna, start-up manufacturer Scribo looks to maintain that venerable Italian company's reputation for sophisticated style and writing excellence. Scribo's flagship model is the Feel, now available in four different models - the Blue-Black, Blue-Grey, Giorno, and Notte.

Scribo Feel fountain pens are piston-fillers with a generous ink capacity, allowing for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink. They are also available with an unusually wide variety of nib choices. 14k flex nibs, which provide for added line-width variation on the page by allowing the user to gently adjust pressure while writing, are provided in tipping sizes ranging from Extra Fine to Broad. Firm 18k nibs, which give the smoothest possible writing experience, are also available in sizes from Extra Fine to Broad, with 1.4 Stub and Triple Broad sizes also available for the Giorno and Notte only.

The wide variety of Scribo nibs make these pens an excellent choice for customers looking for one of our exclusive nib customizations. Choose the 14k Extra Fine Flex, for instance, for our noted Spencerian modification, while broader 18k nibs, such as the Broad and Triple Broad, will provide the best starting points for our growingly popular Architects Point customization. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about which nib and customization might be right for you.

Each pen is hand-assembled by skilled artisans at the Scribo workshop in Bologna, and each of the four Feel pens available at this time has its own trim and nib plating - the Blue-Black in rhodium, the Blue-Grey in ruthenium, the Giorno in light yellow gold, and the Notte in ultra black ruthenium.

We are proud to be among the first international retailers to be offering these memorable pens to our customers. Each Scribo Feel fountain pen is $760, with small additional charges for the 1.4 Stub and Triple Broad nibs when available. We are an authorized Scribo dealer.

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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