Microreview: Pelikan Souverän M805 Blue Stripe


We're doing something a little bit different today: a micro-review of the Pelikan Souverän M805 Blue Stripe!

 Included are photos of the pen, close-ups of writing samples on both regular copy paper and Tomoe River paper, and my overall impressions about how this pen feels in the hand and how it writes.

This will be an ongoing, semi-regular series, so if you have any special pens you’d like to see up close and personal, please comment and let me know.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview intro

Hello! My name is Meredith and I am the product photographer here at Nibs.com, as well as the eye and voice behind the Nibs.com Instagram account

I keep being surprised and delighted in different ways every day by all the different kinds of pens that cross my path in this line of work— delicate and artistic pens, solid and well-engineered pens, glossy lacquered pens, slim transparent pens, smoothly flowing pens, toothy and textural pens— and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and discoveries with everyone as I go along.

The Microreview series will be posted both here on our blog under the category tag Microreviews, and in a shorter format on our Instagram @therealnibsdotcom.

Please hop into the comments here or on Instagram anytime to contribute your knowledge, experience, and opinions! I love seeing how different everyone’s individual experience with pens can be.

So! Let's begin.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - writing sample overview
Text: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, trans. Will & Edwin Muir.

The Pelikan Souverän M805 is a pen that didn’t really appeal to me at first. It’s not slim and elongated and modern-looking like the pens I usually gravitate to; it’s compact, with a blunt, squared-off design that looked old-fashioned and heavy to my eye.

The two-tone nib design with the swirling pelican motif is so fanciful and ornate, and yet the stripes seemed so boring and stodgy by comparison. I didn’t really get it.

Then I held one in my hands.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - closeup of writing sample

This pen feels REALLY, REALLY GOOD. I don’t know how else to explain it.

The diameter, which I initially thought was chunky, is perfect. The section, which I initially thought was too short, is perfect. The barrel length is perfect. The heft is perfect. The balance is perfect.

And in the light, the blue stripes shimmer and iridesce like morpho butterfly wings.

Morpho butterfly perched on leaf
A morpho butterfly, hanging out on a leaf.  It has no idea what a Pelikan M805 is.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - closeup of nib and writing sample

The M nib writes a smooth, fluid, well-defined line, even on basic copy paper, with the perfect little nudge of feedback to let you know where you are on the page.

My eyes were opened! Light came down from the heavens! My life was transformed!

Just kidding. But really— this pen wowed me.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - extreme close-up of text showing minor feathering on copy paper
Relatively minimal feathering, and a little bit of shading, even on inexpensive copy paper

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - writing sample on Tomoe River paper
Switching over to Tomoe River paper now

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - closeup of writing sample on Tomoe River paper
Zero feathering on the fancy paper! Edelstein Sapphire has a little bit of reddish sheen at the edges. Neat.
 (Ignore the smear up top where I accidentally dragged my pinky over the ink.)

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - closeup of writing sample on Tomoe River #2
Look at that shading. Glorious

The M805 played its cards very close to its chest. It only revealed its qualities to me once I got close enough to touch.

I can see now how Pelikans have earned the enthusiasm and love and loyalty of so many people in the world. It’s rare to experience such a satisfying piece of art and engineering in such a small package— one you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - concluding thoughts

Well, that’s all, folks! Thank you for sharing this experience with me, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned until next time, when another pen compels me to take lots of pictures and write stuff about it. Or if you have any specific requests, please let me know in the comments!

Pen: Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe with Rhodium Trim
Ink: Edelstein Sapphire
Paper: Husky 60lb white copy paper and Tomoe River A4 cream
Text: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, trans. Will and Edwin Muir

Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe Microreview - thanks for reading!


Publish Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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