Doing your own nib smoothing? Here is the right material for the job.

Sometimes a nib just has a little tooth or a sharp edge that can take away from the smoothness of the writing experience. By running the nib on the Micromesh 12,000 in the direction of the scratchy sensation the sharp edge will wear down. 

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CAUTION: Although the surface of the Micromesh might look harmless, it can easily wear down the tipping of your nib. It is quite possible to entirely remove the tipping material with this abrasive. Please use care when working on your nibs. The reason we like this material is that it has a rubberized surface which "rounds up" around the tip, removing sharp corners. For this reason it is better than other flat-surface abrasives such as the Arkansas stone or Mylar discs, which are sometimes used for this purpose.

Micromesh can also be used to minimize scratches on gold, other metals, or plastics as it is almost as fine as a polish. You will need to follow with a polishing cloth in order to regain a high polish.