Kresto Hand Cleaner

Kresto Hand Cleaner (formerly ReDuRan and labeled Stoko) is very effective for removing ink and dye stains on your hands. Each tube is 100 milliliters.

This 100 milliliter size has now been discontinued - we recommend the economical new 250 ml size as an alternative.


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March 20, 2017


Just wanted to put out a review on this stuff, it is great! I was sick of comments on the stained fingers, yes I am messy when I change ink colors in my pens. I tried a tube and it works great, put a little on your hand add a bit of water and rub. Rinse with LOTS of water and hands are stain free (well except under finger nails, but thats what pocket knives are for).

Stoko has a subtle scent and quickly removes ink stains from hands. This cleanser contains all-natural walnut shell scrubbers and is free of silicone. Although the packaging has recently been updated with a new name, this is the same reliable skin cleanser as before. Used in the printing industry, this is the best remover we have ever found for taking away ink from fingers.  We use it at the end of every workday so our hands are presentable at the dinner table. It is easy to dispense from this stand-on-its-end 100 ml. tube. We caution against using this on colored fabric as it can remove the color there along with the stain.