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Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived.
Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived. Click here for details...
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Testimonials Archive

April 17th

Hello John and all at CFP,

I received my Waterman's #5 with the abused pink nib back from CFP this morning. Despite having read the myriad of glowing online testimonials about your work I was still not expecting such wonderful results! What you can do with fountain pen nibs transcends that of a crafts-person and is clearly the work of an artisan! 

Much thanks,


Howard Rodman Testimonial

April 14th
Alaric K. Chesley Testimonial

April 10th
Hi Jonella,

The pen arrived and I have been playing with it since: it's wonderful, I cannot leave it down! John did a truly masterful job. 



April 7th
Just writing to let you know that the nib (extra fine semi flex Ideal No 2) I ordered came in today! I was able to fit it into my 580 and I’m happy with the results so far!
-Lenny Marchese
Lenny Marchese Testimonial

April 1st

I'm so happy with the Pelikan pen and nib.  It writes so well and it is a good weight for me.

Your patience and customer service has been outstanding.  I want to thank you and John for the time you took to really "get it right" for me.

If you ever see the "Sahara" version of the Pelican pen, let me know, because that is one I really like.

Thanks again and nibs.com is now my first choice.


--  J Samples

March 27
Kimy Jo Rodgers Testimonial
Kimy Jo Rodgers Testimonial

March 27
Mara Testimonial

March 26

I wanted to let you know that I got the nib today, and just tried it out. I am overjoyed with the quality of it -- it's superb. The edge is crisp, the feel is great, the lines are lovely.

Thank you for all your help.


March 25
   I recently purchased a Nakaya Long Ascending Dragon Heki-tamenuri with a fine nib and it is outstanding. I filled it with ink and started writing and the nib is smooth and never misses a beat. Thank you for tuning it. The pen itself is simple in design but beautiful and the ascending dragon adds complexity. I ordered it in memory of a friend that passed away unexpectedly and it is a wonderful reminder of him. Thank you for the service and since I have a few pens from your company I can say that your organization is fantastic. Thanks again for a one of a kind pen and a nib that compares to the best.
                                        Be Well,

March 24

I bought a Nakaya Briarwood in Light Matte finish in February and I am Delighted with it! I have been using it frequently for over a month, so I thought that now was the time to say that I am not disappointed in the least, and I would like to thank you very much for the pen!
Not only is it a wonder to look at, but writing with it is refreshing and fun - and my handwriting is much improved because of it.


March 21
I recently ordered a Pilot-Namiki Falcon with a customized nib.  The package was well prepared, and arrived promptly.  

I have to say I have never indulged in a pen that I knew had been 'set up' and had some customization for my individual use.  I also wanted to test your customer service, because I have no history with ordering from you.  What a pleasure in both cases!  After inking this pen I chose a high quality paper and had a terrific time doodling.  Because the pen was so reasonable, I am tempted to begin using it as an every day writing tool so I can extend that enjoyment.

I look forward to ordering from you in the future.  You run the kind of business we all enjoy doing business with.


Jean-Louis G. Testimonial
-Jean-Louis G., PhD

Vasily Sidorov Testimonial

March 13th

Wow! My pen arrived, it is gorgeous and the nib is just amazing. 

Thank you, Jonella for you kindness and efficiency and thank you, John, for reading my mind and sending me the perfect nib.

- Dr. Carolyn Bremer


March 11th
Anne Testominal March 2014

February 27th
Joven Testimonial
Joven Testimonial

February 25th

I received my Namiki Falcon with Spencerian customization yesterday...  IT IS AWESOME!

The bounce and return of the nib, the thick and thin, the ink flow and balance are all perfect. To my surprise the gold furniture and nib are also much richer looking than what I saw in pictures. Thanks for the wonderful and extremely fast service. This pen is an absolute joy to write with.

Ryan Holcomb


John Hays Testimonial

February 11th

Dear all,

After travelling a week or so, the Long Cigar Nakaya reached its ‘new country’ where it already earned some fans. The first one was the custom officer who never taxed such a FP. “Is it gilded,” he asked? “It’s lacquered,” I answered shortly. “I see,” he said, and took the money (24% + 3,7% of the price).

As for me, opening the wooden box I remained voiceless. The rip sour-cherry-like color is so beautiful that I could never imagine. I admired it, I fingered, I caressed, I smelt it. I found it hard to believe. Finally I inked it with some yama-budo and I tested the nib. Precisely what I wanted: a smooth soft M-F nib, perfect for a fast, small writing like mine’s. Indisputably, it was masterfully customized.

Should I add that I never had a so pleasant experience while buying pens? Yes. You all deserve my sincere gratitude for this.

Best wishes from Romania,

Silviu Lupescu


February 6th
Thanks again for all your help.  Your prices and service were the best and all  aspects of the purchase was customer-focused, kind and timely.  You guys will retain my business.  No company has ever been this well, personable.

—Georgia Kerr

February 4th
Hi Christina

I have received the pen and it looks wonderful.  Most importantly the nib writes wonderfully - smooth, so smooth and a good wet flow.  I'm sad to say this, but a lot of pens fail at this.  I am now beginning to suspect that my M800 has a faulty nib....

Please send my compliments to John as well.

Thank you very much.

Michael Soon

January 18th
Jeffrey Szetzo Testimonial

January 17th
Jonella and John –
I received my Omas Arco yesterday, and it is perfect now!  Thanks so much for taking such good care of me and my pens.  It is a real joy to use these pens every day.
Mike Sampson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

January 17th

To John Mottishaw, and to Classic Fountain Pens,

I just received my Nakaya Naka-Ai back after service to the nib and feed, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the service you have provided.  

The pen is working beautifully now, with most excellent ink flow.  It is a pleasure to be able to write with this beautiful new pen!   A sincere thanks to CFP and especially to Mr. Mottishaw for the excellent work!

Have a great Christmas season!

Ken Cavers


January 15th

Hi Christina,

Just wanted to let you know I received the pen today, and honestly, I couldn't be happier. :)

Thanks again for your help, and please do thank John for me as well. I've re-fallen in love with this pen, and am grateful for your incredible service! You're all pretty awesome, and have made me a (continual) repeat customer.




January 14th
Nick Olmos-Lau Testimonial
-Nick Olmos-Lau


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