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New and vintage fountain pens; nib customizations & repairs; ink, books, & accessories. The nibs.com difference - pens tested, tuned, and ready to write!
We at Nibs.com want to help our visitors in their never-ending search for information, so here are some links, by category, that we recommend. If you know of a link that you feel we should include, please e-mail us the details, and we'll look into it.
Pen Collectors of America (PCA) This is the biggest and, from my point of view, the best pen organization in the world.
PCA Pen Show Calendar This is a very comprehensive calendar of all the Pen Shows in the US.
Parker 75 Parker75.com is THE place to find out about the history, styles and manufacture of Parker 75 pens. Created by Lih-Tah Wong this site had depth .
Pencentral A clearinghouse for all types of fountain pen information.
Pentrace.com Run by Donal Higgins, this site offers a lot of information and links to other sites.

Graham Oliver's Pen Site Links

From here, you can go to a lot of other pen sites.
The Australian Pen Portal This is the starting point for all things "pens" in Australia.
Glen's Pen Page Glen has a great informational site with links to many brick and mortar pen stores. Also has interesting articles about pens, ink, and factory tours.
A to Z Writing This is a comprehensive site for writers. The site has a great links page which will take you to many others.
Susan Wirth's Pen Show Calendar And Susan's site Lists all the major US and Canada Pen Shows, their dates, contact information, hotels, telephone numbers and costs.
Uncle-B Pen site links This is a compendium of pen sites from all over. It links directly to many around the world.
Vintage Pens for Sale (some contemporary)
Battersea Pen Home Run by Simon Gray and Sean Lovell in London, they buy, sell, and refurbish fountain pens.
Pendemonium Run by Sam and Frank Fiorella, this is a great site for purchasing all kinds of pens and pen-related items.
The Southern Scribe Rick Horne, The Southern Scribe, is our re-plater of choice and his site is a wealth of information, services and great buys.
Vintage Pens Lots of good pen reference material. Run by David Nishimura.  Great pens for sale.
The Fountain Pen shop Fred Krinke, longtime Los Angeles "institution" has his own web site. From the time of the bandless HR Duofold, 1922, the Fountain Pen Shop has been in continuous operation.
Fountain Pen Hospital They offer a great catalogue of pens and gifts.
Inkpen Joel and Sherrell have a good selection of vintage pen on this friendly site.

Jim's Fountain Pen Site

Reference Features and Services

Both created and updated regularly by Jim Gaston.

Links to various web sites for reference, fountain pens for sale, and other fun tidbits.

Andy's pens Andy Evans, in the U. K., has a new site with vintage pens for sale and information to dispense.
Penbox Stephen Poulton has a UK site where he sells vintage and modern pens; a good place to look for unusual English pens.
PENguin Rick Propas is a specialist in vintage Pelikans as well as other brands. He has pens, parts, etc, etc., etc.
Period Pens David Glynn has a renovated site in the UK where you'll find many vintage pens for sale.
Northwest Pen Works Michael McNeil sells and repairs vintage fountain pens. He also has a watch section.
www.vintagepens.net Owned and operated by Stephen Overbury who specializes in exceptional or high end pens, in particular lacquer writing instruments. Text is offered in Mandarin, Japanese and English.
In December of 1999 Pentiques.com was launched with a mission to offer expert repair & restoration services with expedited turnaround. You can see Aaron and Kim at most of the pen shows doing repairs and selling vintage pens. Not only is Kim a Pentique's member, she's the PCA membership coordinator as well. You'll see her at the PCA booth. Check out their site: www.pentiques.com
New Pens For Sale
Pen Heaven

Pen Heaven offers a wide choice of designer brands online from the leading brands, as well as the more unique and hard to find brands.

Anything Left-Handed Located as a bricks and mortar store in London, as well as on line, these people offer, as they say, anything left-handed from scissors and cork screws to less expensive fountain pens.
Corporate Gift Pens (Acclaim Products) In partnership with Cross Writing Instrument company, Corporate Gift Pens attaches corporate, and personal, logo emblems onto the clip of both fountain and ballpoint pens. The web site provides a wide range of Cross writing instruments to choose from, and a price for most budgets.
J M Pennifeather Designer Pens
J M Pennifeather is a London Pen Shop and online pen store specialized in selling quality designer pens.
Onoto Pens This new site includes both vintage and modern Onoto pens for sale, as well as history and repairs for these fine pens.
Pens, Refills, Pencils, Ink John Lake has a large selection of brand name writing instruments and accessories.
Penspiration This is an attractive and well organized pen sales site representing many brands.
Executive Pen Shop Executive Pen Shop is based in the United Kingdom. They stock, and sell, a range of fountain pens.
Scottsdale Pens This is an online site with shopping cart. They carry knives, leather and stationery as well.
Major and Minor Pen Manufacturers
Aviator Pens (KoonySun Airbase) Distributor of aviator writing instruments such as mechanical pencils, space pens & fountain pens for pilots.
Nakaya Pens A maker of fine hand made pens and nibs, Nakaya Pens is a small Japanese company with an interesting web site.
Omas Pens Arguably the most beautifully designed pens ever made, these guys go so far as to make their own celluloid plastic.
Pelikan USA (Chartpak) As of 2002, Pelikan is being distributed in the United States by Chartpak. Their site has the full range of Pelikan products illustrated.
Pilot Namiki One of our favorite pen makers, they make a range of pens from the very inexpensive vanishing point to limited edition hand painted lacquer models.

Platinum Pen Co, Japan

This fine pen manufacturer makes a range of fountain pens in a variety of materials including metal, maki-e, resin and celluloid. The nibs are among the finest made anywhere in the world. See Luxury Brands USA for US distribution.

The Sailor Pen Company A great pen company that makes one of the world's finest nibs.
Luxury Brands USA The U.S. distributor for Platinum Pen Co, Japan.
Pen Emporium, Stipula The Stipula online shop has a selection of fountain pens, rollerball pens, writing instruments from the official catalogue of the manufacturer.
Repairs and Parts
The Southern Scribe Rick Horne has been repairing most brands of fountain pens for many years. He also specializes in electroplating and matching metal colors.
The Pen Museum The Pen Museum is a private collection of over 3000 vintage fountain pens, pencils and ball pens, lovingly built and maintained over a period of 50 years by Arthur Twydle, the UK's leading expert in Pen Craft.
Peel Pen Shop John Culmer of this Ontario, Canada pen shop, does repairs on Vacumatics, Snorkels and other vintage pen filling systems. They also sell both vintage and modern
Handcrafted Pens
Rocket Manufacturing Bill and Ondia Durovchic have created original designs of a number of pens and articles related to the desk.
Handcrafted wooden pens from Ernie McFarlane Ernie creates custom made fountain pens, crafted from exotic woods.
Mik Pens Here's a gentleman who makes wooden kit pens.
Only One Creations Scott Meyer makes hand-crafted fine writing instruments.
PenDesign.com Custom Wood Pens offers Deer Antler Pens crafted from exotic woods, Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood, celluloid, deer antler. Ballpoints, rollerballs and fountain pens. Titanium or Platinum plating, laser engravable and gift boxed.
My Favorite Pen Tom Mullane makes pens from a variety of exotic woods as well as corn cobs. His site is a pleasure to view.
Hand Crafted Pens Dave and Jane Jones from the United Kingdom create hand crafted pens and sell them on line
Desk Accessories
June's Antique Deskstuff A site for lovers of Fountain Pens, Inkstands, Inkwells and other Deskstuff.
Other Sites of Interest
Arrival Game This is our very talented friend, Josh who often helps out with the Nibs web site.
Square One Labs Web site for the company owned by our excellent IT consultant, Randy Woodcock.
PENMEN Check out Gary Blehm's Penmen. Created when he was twelve-years-old, you may be familiar with the "Find Two Identical Penmen" posters.
Thank you Letters ThankYouLetters was formed to offer a unique reference point on how to write thank you letters for any situation. In our mind any opportunity to us you fountain pen is a good one.

Impertinent Information

Our friend Britt Leach has created one of the most fun web sites out there. His irreverent sensibility penetrates gloom with impertinence. His love of pens is only surpassed by his sense of humor.

Mono Magazine A Japanese magazine featuring the latest in pop trends and articles relating to modern Japanese culture.
Writing In Style

Featured in PenWorld, The Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune and on local Arizona television stations, Cindy Zimmerman has become an advocate of handwritten communication and penmanship as a craft. Her web site provides information on her company, upcoming events and "Sincerely Yours", a DVD on creating stylish, and heartfelt, pieces of correspondence.

U Studio Yoga As of April of 2006 Andrea Marcum has opened an new yoga studio at 5410 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500. John goes here to keep limber and fit after a long day of nib grinding. He thinks she is the finest yoga instructor in Los Angeles.
Heritage Book Shop Heritage Book Shop and
Bindery is an internationally renowned antiquarian bookstore specializing in rare books and first editions.
Color Services Marc Elliott has a web site for full service film processing and "quality imaging of any kind."
Fisher Space Pen Allwrite is an official distributor of the Fisher Space Pens and the Fisher Space Pen Refills.
Atelier Gargoyle Ward Dunham, master blackletter calligrapher has a site devoted to wax seals and calligraphy pens.
Left-hander web site This is site dedicated to lefties. Enjoy.
Pens HQ An eclectic site encompassing a large variety of pen related subjects.
The Great Collectible
The Great Collectible has all manner of links to other collectible sites.

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