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Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen

Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen

The literal translation of Susutake is "smoked bamboo." Each of these pens is unique and handmade. The bamboo was obtained from the ancient roof timbers of traditional Japanese thatched-roof style houses. Due to the scarcity of this material and the craft involved in working with it, production of each individual pen can take up to two years.

The pen seen here has a pronounced node at the crown of the cap (the node is the joint between the culms, the main stem of the bamboo plant). The ends, top of cap, and bottom of barrel are fitted with a hardwood looking much like walnut. It completes the pen in a color that is a little darker than the bamboo. Because the bamboo is so completely aged, it is hard and stable.

Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen
The coloring comes from continuous exposure to the "Ironi," a Japanese sunken fireplace. Different color tones were created depending on where the location of the timbers were and the amount of smoke they were exposed to. This material, exceeding 150 years in age, is becoming increasingly rare in a Japan that is rapidly urbanizing. The bamboo for these pens is chosen for the wabi sabi (beautifully aged) quality that it already possesses.
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen
With the retirement of nib master Nobuyoshi Nagahara, who personally hand-crafted each Susutake pen, production of these pens is now in the hands of his son, Yukio Nagahara. Each pen is approximately 6 1/2" long and weighs about 36 grams. They can be filled with bottled ink using the provided converter, and can also use Sailor brand ink cartridges.
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen

The Sailor Susutake is provided standard with your choice of 21k solid gold Naginata-Togi nib in Naginata Medium-Fine, Naginata Medium, or Naginata Broad.

The Susutake can also be provided with the full range of standard Sailor 21K nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium-Fine, Medium, Broad, Music, or Zoom, or can be equipped with other Sailor Specialty Nibs at an additional premium.

Sailor 21k nibs are well-suited to customizations including Stub, Cursive Italic, or Left Oblique - see our nib customizations page for more information.

Part of Sailor's exclusive Bespoke Collection.

Our Price $1300.00


Please note that the material for these pens is very scarce and that thye are very time-intensive to create - wait times of more than a year for back orders are frequent.


Susutake Pens Currently Available
As each Susutake pen has its own unique shape and color, see below for images of the pens currently in stock and available for immediate purchase. Please indicate the pen number you have chosen when ordering.
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen 2016-1
2016-1 SOLD
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen
Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen
A fabric kimono clasped with a spear of bamboo protects each pen. A softwood presentation box, larger than the standard Sailor wood box, is covered by an outer paper box, giving full protection to this one-of-a-kind pen. Sailor Susutake Smoked Bamboo Fountain Pen 2016-1
Sailor Susutake Nibs.com
Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before it ships. See our nib set-up and optimization page for more details.

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