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Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived.
Long anticipated and years in the making, the new book Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami has now arrived. Click here for details...
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New and vintage fountain pens; nib customizations & repairs; ink, books, & accessories. The nibs.com difference - pens tested, tuned, and ready to write!
Fountain Pen Nib Repairs and Customizations Price List

We specialize in nib modifications and repairs. We also offer  limited  pen body repair services if nib work is also being done.  Please call us first before sending in your pen or nib.

If you make a  purchase, new or pre-owned, it can be customized prior to shipping with a one to two day turnaround – consult the chart below for pricing.  Pens and nibs purchased from us within the past six months will be customized on a rush basis (approximately two week turnaround) at no additional cost. Normal customization fees apply.

All repairs will be subject to a $30.00 assessment and evaluation fee.This also applies to all customizations of pens and nibs not purchased from us within the past six months.  The standard turnaround time for these repairs and customizations is six months. Work can be done on a rush basis (approximately two week turnaround) – this doubles the cost of all fees.

Please feel free to call us with any questions, and we  look forward to making your pen write as good..and probably better…than it ever did out of the box.

Assessment and
Evaluation Fee
Install Nib
Set a loose nib.
Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, Italic
X-Fine, X-Broad, 3B, Oblique, Broad-Italic or Stub, Needlepoint, or any Flexible nibs
Increase Flexibility
Add flex to 14k nib
Regrind to needlepoint plus added flex - suitable for Nakaya Soft and Falcon Soft nibs only
F, M, B, Italic, Stub, Oblique
Extra Fine, Super Extra Fine
Architect's Point. Also, some custom shapes are extra, and tips can be ground to copy an existing point.
Repair Imprint
Restoration of original markings.
Only Through Tine
Through Body, NOT Imprint
Through Body AND Imprint
Ink Flow
Increase ink flow
Decrease ink flow
Prevent Stoppages
Prevent Ink Stoppages ( this often occurs after 1/2 page)
Adjust Tines for Smoother Writing
Smoothen Tipping
Filling System
General Bladder Replacement
Vacumatic, Snorkel, etc. bladder/diaphragm replacement
General and Cosmetic Repairs
Blackening of faded black hard rubber
Polish Body of pen, remove superficial scratches
Remove Deep Scratches from body of pen
Remove Plier Marks from gripping section

SHIPPING: Shipping charges are calculated on an order-by-order basis. US Customers have the choice of UPS Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day and Ground, Postal Priority and Air Mail (not recommended for pens). We offer UPS Worldship, UPS Standard (to Canada), Postal Global Express, Global Priority and regular Air Mail service to our international customers.

For information on our return policy please click here.

We are open: Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time
We are closed on weekends.
We do not have an open shop.

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