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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink
Pilot Iroshizuku Ink
Four New Colors!

Each Iroshizuku bottled ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual color. The bottle is not only great to look at, it is functional in a surprising way: A small cone shaped hole in the bottom of the bottle allows for more complete use of the ink when the ink level lowers.

Enjoy Japan’s rich and subtle color aesthetic as you write in a choice of 17 ink colors:
Morning Glory (asa-gao)
A refreshing blue hue like a newly blooming morning glory.
Hydrangea (ajisai)
This shade of blue is reminiscent of the image of raindrops nestling on its petals.
Asiatic Dayflower (suyu-kusa)
A blue similar to a small, fragile Asiatic dayflower.
Deep Cerulean Blue (kon-peki)
Expresses the color of a vast and clear summer sky.
Moonlight (suki-yo)
A blue shade like the night sky, dimly illuminated by moonlight.
Peacock (ku-jaku)
a green color which evokes visions of the stark and vivid feathers of the richly multicolored peacock
Dew on Pine Tree (syo-ro)
a green shade similar to a dewdrop reflecting pine needles.
Forest Green
embodies the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter.
Autumn Shower (kiri-same)
a grey shade like a landscape expectant of winter.
Old Man Winter (fuyu-syogun)
a grey conjuring up the image of the cold, clear air of the severe winter season.
Crimson Glory Vine (yama-budo)
this red embodies the bright and ripe fruit of the wild, yet subdued crimson glory vine.
Azalea (tsutsuji)
a red hue like the common red amongst the myriad hues of the Azalea flowers.
Autumn Leaves (momiji)
a red shade emulating the bright red leaves that are iconic of a Japanese autumn.
Sunset (yu-yake)
an orange hue like sky, painted by the evening sunset on clear day.
Winter Persimmon (fuyu-gaki)
an orange similar to the shade of a lusciously ripe persimmon.
Horsetail (tsukushi)
a soft brown like a young horsetail awaiting the coming of spring.
Wild Chestnut (yama-guri)
a brown color similar to the image of a ripe, fallen chestnut shell during the longing season of autumn.
Cosmos (kosomosu)
Akizakura (Lit. Autumn Cherry Blossom), the Japanese name for a Cosmos, originates from its autumn blossoms and the resemblance of the petals to that of cherry blossoms. This pink is reminiscent of the friendly and endearing Cosmos flower.
Japanese Beautyberry (murasaki-shikibu)
Murasaki Shikibu grows wild throughout Japan, adorned with purple-colored berries. This purple matches the shade of the rich Murasaki Shikibu berries.
Bamboo Forest (chikurin)
The backdrop of a bamboo forest is one of the most iconic of Japanese nature. This green calls to mind the inviting touch of wind flowing through the stalks of a bamboo forest.
Rice Ear (ina-ho)
This brown evokes the image of a vast field brimming with waves of golden rice ears ready for a rich harvest.

The retail price is $35 each and the ink comes in a beautiful 50ml glass bottle and is available right now.
Pilot has confirmed that the ph levels of all their inks are above 7.0, making them acid free and archival safe.
Pilot Iroshizuku 3 Bottle Mini Gift Set
Pilot Iroshizuku 3 Bottle Mini Gift Set
Newly arrived just in time for the holidays, the Pilot Iroshizuku 3 Bottle Mini Gift Set includes one 15ml bottle each of Kon-peki (Deep Cerulean Blue), Yama-budo (Crimson Glory Vine), and Tsukushi (Horsetail). This makes an excellent sampling of three rich ink colors for yourself or others, and comes packaged in a sophisticated white Iroshizuku presentation box. $39.00 per set.
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