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Pelikan M1000 Hercules L.E.
One of the oldest and most famous heroes of Greek mythology, Hercules is given the credit for establishing social and moral order. By taming wild beasts and the uncontrollable forces of nature, Hercules, as the myth has it, was the patron of crops and the deity of water, not a bad position in an agrarian society.

A big pen, about the size of a Montblanc 149, this pen shares the distinction of a departure from the well known Pelikan profile with the Moon Goddess (also a limited edition). With a redisigned silver clip, a proud crown, sterling silver trim, the Pelikan logo engraved on a top button and the Greek letters for Hercules engraved in the lower button, this pen is a study in blue and silver. The crown, section, and blind cap are black.

Marked "PELIKAN GERMANY Ag 925" around the cap band and with a limited edition number of, in this case 596/800, this M1000 Pelikan pen is for silver lovers and is of very limited numbers world wide. At more than 5 7/8 inches long, this is a big pen.

Pictured in his own constellation, surrounded by the constellations Corona Borealis and Lyra, Hercules is seen here with his club, floating against flecks of silver as stars in the field of a deep night blue. Outlined in silver, Hercules is a lighter shade of blue against the dark sky. This process of enamel over silver, called cloisonné, has been used on fountain pens for a very long time, such as the pens made by Carter in the 1920's.

Please note that our photo of this pen has more color contrast than seen in the pen itself.

The nib is an all-white-metal-plated M1000 size and we believe is available only in F, M, and B widths.


The retail price of this pen is $2,625.00

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