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Classic Fountain Pens Newsletter
June 2016

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The Classic Fountain Pens Monthly Newsletter brings you a round-up of news from here at nibs.com--new pens in stock, the latest arrivals in pre-owned pens and accessories, and information on special deals. If you would like more frequent updates, consider subscribing to our Product News and Announcements Newsletter as well.

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With the beginning of summer on the horizon, this month's newsletter brings a balmy sun-splash of news - new pens from Nakaya, Pelikan, and Aurora, as well as a poignant look back at the OMAS factory in Bologna...

Nakaya Introducing New Metal Thread Pens in Piccolo and Portable Sizes

If you have always loved Nakaya ebonite urushi pens but would prefer a writing instrument with a little more heft, the new Nakaya Metal Thread pens may be just what you're looking for. Substituting metal screw threads for the hand-turned ebonite threads on most other Nakaya pens, these pens weigh an additional eight grams each, and will also be priced at $100 less than the comparable all-ebonite pens after Nakaya prices rise on July 1st.

We'll have more images as well as information on expected delivery times later this week, but with interest in these pens growing, we are now able to begin taking pre-orders. Pens are available in both the Cigar and Writer versions, in the Piccolo and Portable sizes only, and available finishes are Aka-tamenuri, Black, Heki-tamenuri, Kikyo, Kuro-tamenuri, Shu Polished, and Toki-tamenuri. Each pen is priced at $550 each, and we're happy to say that prices on these Metal Thread pens only wil not be rising after July 1st...

Most Nakaya Prices Rising July 1st

If you've been thinking of acquiring one of Nakaya's unique handcrafted ebonite urushi pens, now is the time to act - prices on most models will be rising by $50, $100, or $150 each effective July 1st. We are able to offer our currently displayed pricing on all Nakaya pens until that date - orders must be given final customer approval before July 1st to qualify.

This will be the first Nakaya price rise in over four years, and we strongly suggest ordering as soon as possible to secure the pen of your choice. Consult our Nakaya Availability Chart for information on pens currently in stock and available for immediate shipment. You can order via our secure online order form, or by contacting us at [email protected] or (323) 655-2641.

Aurora Optima 360 Monviso Limited Edition
Now In Stock

Aurora Optima 360 Monviso Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Just arrived in stock, the new Aurora Optima 360 Monviso Limited Edition is being produced in just 360 numbered pieces worldwide and has been specially commissioned by Aurora company owner Cesare Verona.

The cap and barrel have been produced in handcrafted Auroloide, Aurora's proprietary celluloid derivation, and the speckled pattern on the cap and barrel references both Monviso's snowy, rock-strewn peak, as well as fog rising from the banks of the River Po.

The Monviso is available with your choice of 18k White Gold nb in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra Broad, stock Stub, or stock Italic. Retail $795, our price $636.

Remembering The OMAS Factory In Bologna

The simple 1970s-era industrial building on the out- skirts of Bologna, Italy, has an unassuming appearance from the outside. But inside this factory work- shop, some of the most skilled artisans and craftspeople in Europe are handcrafting Omas fountain pens, which have become treasured by pen aficionados all over the world.

Omas in Bologna: A Visit in Pictures

Omas in Bologna: A Visit in Pictures

With OMAS having now ceased all manufacturing in Bologna, many have thought to revisit John's recent photo essay on OMAS for Pen World Magazine. John toured the OMAS factory just months before word of the company's troubles came to light, and the article serves now as a poignant reminder of what has been lost with the factory's closure.

For those still looking for a last chance to own one of these pens new, we've assembled a list of remaining stock on our own OMAS main page. Remaining pens include a small number of 90th Anniversary Sets, a 75th Anniversary Doctor's Pen, as well as the Israel, Miku, and Tauromaquia Limited Editions.

While the shuttering of OMAS leaves a void in the pen world, we extend our best wishes to our friends from the OMAS factory in Bologna, and offer our hope that the taste, dedication, and craftsmanship they displayed in their work there will find new outlets for expression in the near future...

Nakaya Dorsal Fins Again Available
Dorsal Fin Version 2 in Urushi Heki-tamenuri Price: $1420
Nakaya has once again started accepting orders for the popular Dorsal Fin series, in whicn layers of urushi lacquer are used to create a raised fin on the cap or cap and barrel of an ebonite body pen. With an average production time of six months or more, quantities of these pens will continue to be extremely limited, and we strongly suggest pre-ordering - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and is ready to ship. Prices for the Dorsal Fin series have already been adjusted by Nakaya and are not expected to rise again after July 1st. See our Dorsal Fin Version 1 and Dorsal Fin Version 2 pages for more details...
Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise Red Limited Edition
Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise Red Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Arriving this summer, the new Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise Red Limited Edition is a follow-up to the popular M1000 Sunlight and M1000 Starlight pens. Only 333 numbered pieces are available worldwide, and we have managed to secure a small amount for our customers.

Normally made available by Pelikan only in Medium, we are able to provide the M1000 Raden Sunrise Red with any M1000 18k two-tone nib unit, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, stock Oblique Medium, or stock Oblique Double Broad. Retail $2500, our price $1999. This pen is now available for pre-order - you will not be charged until your pen arrives here and is ready to ship to you.

Special Sale Pricing on Pelikan M101N Lizard and M101N Red Tortoiseshell Special Editions
Pelikan M101N Lizard  Special Edition Fountain Pen
Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red Special Edition Fountain Pen

Pelikan has authorized us to provide special sale pricing on two distinctive special editions - the M101N Lizard and M101N Red Tortoiseshell. Both M400-size pens are long since sold out at the wholesale level, but we brought in extra stock for our customers and are pleased to now be able to offer these pens at a special discount.

Available with specially inscribed 14k solid gold rhodium-plated nib in Fine or Medium, the M101N Lizard had a retail price of $625, with our usual sale price of $495 now discounted to $390. The M101N Red Tortoiseshell, available with specially inscribed 14k solid gold nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, or Broad, had a retail price of $650, with our usual sale price of $520 now discounted to $445.

We are able to offer this special pricing for a limited time only, and available quantities of both pens are also limited. You can place your order now via our convenient online order form, or by contacting us at [email protected] or (323) 655-2641.

Sale! Platinum Century Nice Pur Limited Edition
For a limited time only, Platinum is offering special sale pricing on the 3776 Century Nice Pur Limited Edition fountain pen. Available in just 2000 numbered pieces worldwide, this lined demonstrator pen is provided with your choice of solid gold 14k rhodium-plated nib in Fine, Fine-Medium, Medium, or Broad. Already a value at the suggested retail price of $250, with our usual sale price $199, Platinum is authorizing us to make these pens available for a short period of time at the special sale price of just $159.
Unless requested otherwise, each pen or nib you purchase from us will be carefully examined, tested, and optimized for your personal writing characteristics before shipping. See our nib set-up and optimization page for more details.
Have questions? Ready to place an order? As always, you can call us at (323) 655-2641, e-mail us at [email protected], or use our convenient online order form. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you...

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