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Fountain Pens for the Million book

Fountain Pens for the Milliion
The History of Conway Stewart: 1905-2005

by Stephen Hull

A comprehensive reference book perfect for any British writing enthusiast or fountain pen lover, Fountain Pens for the Million documents the history of Conway Stewart, one of the most well-known and beloved English pen makers.

With over 700 illustrations and almost 300 pages of information on history, patents, trademarks, print ads, materials, and pen models, this is a detailed documentation which chronologically traces the brand over a span of a century.

Hardcover, 288 pages. 11.3" by 8.7" X 1".
Retail price is $100.
Our special sale price is $59.

Maki-e, A Story Waiting To Be Written Book

Maki-e: A Story Waiting To Be Written
A Journey Through the World of Lacquered Fountain Pens

by Alberto Gerosa

Written for both collectors and Maki-e connoisseurs, this detailed book focuses on contemporary Maki-e works created after the year 2000, with an emphasis on companies such as Danitrio, Namiki, Nakaya, and Sailor. Lavish photographs, often taking the form of two-page spreads, create a stunning visual feast for these works of art. Through both text and images Gerosa has managed to demonstrate how modern Maki-e has been able to reconcile its historical roots with new aesthetic forms and designs.

This book focuses primarily on Maki-e pens, using thematic chapters to bring the reader on a narrative-poetic path through Japanese mythology and imagination that inspires the Maki-e art. Also of special interest to nibs.com regulars is a section devoted to Sailor Specialty Nibs. Gerosa's book is a masterful examination of an ancient art form that continues to thrive and reinvent itself for modern times.

Hardcover, 199 pages. 11 1/4" by 8 3/4", 2 3/4 lbs.
Retail price is $239. Our price is $199.


Maki-e, An Art for the Soul Book

Maki-e, An Art for the Soul: The Danitrio Maki-e Collection

by Bernard Lyn

With this richly illustrated book, Danitrio founder Bernard Lyn gives readers comprehensive insight into Maki-e techniques. Lyn takes readers on a journey from start to finish -- detailing the process of collecting Urushi sap, highlighting the skilled artists and their various styles, and showcasing the final creation of fine Maki-e pens.

Over 100 illustrations of Danitrio Maki-e artisans and their creations fill the pages of this book, providing a visual complement to the detailed information throughout. This book is sure to delight Danitrio aficionados or anybody intrigued by the Maki-e art form and wishing to learn more.

Hardcover. 10 1/2" by 7 1/2", 3 lbs.
Retail price is $90.
Our price is $72.

Montblanc in Denmark Book

Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992: The Untold Story

by Claus Holten & Poul Lund

Though Montblanc is well-known as a German company, vintage Montblanc fountain pens manufactured in Denmark continue to be in demand by pen collectors worldwide. These pens vary in form and color from Montblanc fountain pens manufactured in Germany, and while there has been much curiosity regarding these rarities, little information has been available about them up until now.

This book delves deep into the origins and history of Montblanc's activity in Denmark, lasting from just before World War I to the beginning of the 1990s. Richly illustrated with pen photos and examples of vintage advertising, this book is one of the few sources of information on this elusive topic and serves as an essential guide for pen collectors seeking Montblancs manufactured in Denmark.

Hardcover, 160 pages. 9" X 9".
Retail price is $160.
Our price is $129.

Pelikan 175th Anniversary Book

Pelikan - The Brand

In celebration of its 175th anniversary, Pelikan has published a new historical book that chronicles the evolution of this brand and its trademark. With new discoveries from the company archives and a unique collection of historical art noveau posters, this book also demonstrates the wider cultural significance of the Pelikan brand.

This comprehensive special edition book will be available for a limited time only. Whether you are already an afficionado of the Pelikan brand, or just getting started in the world of fountain pens, this book will provide you with a wealth of information and images. It also makes a perfect gift to accompany one of our Pelikan fountain pens.

Retail price is $70.00. Our price is $56.00.

Fountain Pens of Japan by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami

Fountain Pens of Japan
by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami

Long anticipated by lovers of Japanese fountain pens and years in the making, the new volume has just reached us. This major work covers the major brands such as Nakaya, Sailor, Platinum, and Pilot-Namiki with history, pictures, and detailed pen descriptions. Additionally, the minor brands represented reveal a surprising range of writing instruments almost never seen on this side of the Pacific.

Japanese pens, marked by simplicity of physical design, an amazing range of surface applications, and top quality nibs, are receiving growing attention around the world. Not only are they beautiful, they are wonderful writing instruments.

With over 1700 images of pens, vintage advertising, and historic location shots within its 448 pages, this large format book is not something you will read in bed - it weighs six pounds. It is, however, by far the most comprehensive book ever written about the topic. The text is clear, the information solid. Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami have a combined experience with fountain pens that exceeds 100 years. This book reflects the depth and passion of their knowledge.

We have signed copies of Fountain Pens of Japan in stock and available for immediate shipment. Retail $350, our price $119. Free shipping of this book to any U.S. domestic address via USPS Media Mail.



The Nakaya Catalog

This catalog displays in full color pages some of the examples of one-of-a-kind hand-made Nakaya pens. This Japanese company has created something very unique for a writer. Its precise craftsmanship and artistry is not found in any other fountain pen manufacturer. You can feel the hand of the artisan in every pen and accessory made by Nakaya. Peruse the catalog and admire the beauty of these writing instruments and decide on one for yourself. Paperback. Color pages. 20 pages.
Weight 4.5 oz to ship, $2.00 USPS

Our price is $15.00

Click here to see images of some of the various Nakaya pens available

The Parker Vacumatic

The Parker Vacumatic*
By Geoffrey Parker, David Shepherd and Dan Zazove, in collaboration with Dave Ruderman of Parker Pen.

David Shepherd has progressed through the Parker line-up, authoring his third book about the illustrious American pens. This time his focus turns to the Vacumatic, covering its development from 1932 through 1948. Shepherd has culled details from Kenneth Parker’s personal journal, filling this book with fascinating insight into life in Janesville, Wisconsin, and at the Parker Pen Company. This book, like his previous works, is filled with hundreds of lush photographs and personal family memories supplied by Geoffrey Parker.

Hard cover. Color pages.
352 pages. Weight 4 lbs to ship.

Retail price is $80.00
Our price is $69.95

Parker Duofold

Parker Duofold
by David Shepherd & Dan Zazove

This is the definitive work on the Parker Duofold pens. Written in collaboration with Parker Pen Company, it includes the entire range of Duofolds from the "Big Red" first seen in 1921 to the latest products of 2005. David Shepherd's excellent text along with Dan Zazove's remarkable knowledge are enclosed within the broad binding of this major volume. Many other people contributed to the images and text including our own John Mottishaw's section on Duofold nibs. Although expensive for a soft-cover, the contents of this 3 1/4 lb. book (4 lbs. to ship) are worth the price. With 362 pages, almost all in color, measuring 8 1/2" by 11" this book is about one inch thick.

Price: $140.00. This book is out of print. SOLD OUT

Parker "51"

Parker "51"
by David and Mark Shepherd in collaboration with Parker Pen Co.

This is the most comprehensive book about this icon of writing implements. Not only does it cover, in depth the models and styles, it is filled with well researched historical information. Published by Surrenden Pens Limited, Brighton, UK.

Retail Price: $80.00
Our price is $69.95

Parker "51" Limited Edition

Parker "51" Limited Edition
by David and Mark Shepherd in collaboration with Parker Pen Co.

This is the Parker "51" limited edition book with cloth cover and cloth slipcase cover. Limited Edition of 151. Published by Surrenden Pens Limited, Brighton, UK. (3 pounds, 11x9x1 inches). Each copy with numbered insert signed by David Shepherd.

Retail $89.95 SOLD OUT - but see standard edition above, still available.

2008 Mabie in America

Mabie in America
Writing Instruments from 1843 to 1941: 3rd Edition

By David L. Moak

Moak not only found the trail of the Mabie family, he has put together a volume that chronicles the history of the people and products of the Mabie companies. This oversized, hardcover tome is heavily laden with color images of the pencils and pens that made the Mabie, Todd, Swan names great in American craftsmanship. Hard cover. Published by Signature Book Printing. 2007
245 pages. Size 9 1/8" X 1 1/8" Weight 3 lbs.

Our price: $45.00 - NOW SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT


Collectible Stars

Collectible Stars 1946-1979
Montblanc Writing Instruments from 1946 until 1979
Written and published by Jens Rosler & Stefan Wallrafan

Written in both English and German, this book is a concise record of the most pivotal era in the history of the Montblanc brand. Filled with color pictures of pens and graphs of production models with dates, values and details, this is an invaluable work for any collector or pen aficionado. Now out of print, this remains the definitive one-volume Montblanc book of its kind. 92 pages. We have just a few remaining copies still in stock, after which this book wil no longer be available.

Our Price: $89.00

Collectible Stars I

Collectible Stars I
Montblanc Writing Instruments from 1908 until 1947
Written and published by Jens Rosler & Stefan Wallrafan

This comprehensive book is a complete documentation of Montblanc's production of writing instruments from the pre world War II era. Written in both English and German, this follow-up prequel to the authors' earlier work covers more than 1,400 products from Montblanc's early days. Filled with color pictures and production details from a time period difficult to document, this is an invaluable work for any collector or pen aficionado. 207 pages. Includes red outer protective cover sleeve. 4 lbs 13" X 10" X 3".

We have received
a shipment of books with damaged corners on the outer cover sleeves (the book itself remains in mint condition). These copies will be discounted (see image at left and reduced price below).

Our Price: $199.00
$175 for editions with damaged corners on outer sleeve


The Fountain Pens of Esterbrook
by Paul Hoban

This paperback book with 63 pages of detailed information is the definitive work on Esterbrook. Published by BDH Productions in 1992.

Our Price: $19.95 (only signed copies available)

The Incredible Ball Point Pen

The Incredible Ball Point Pen
A Comprehensive History and Price Guide
by Henry Gostony & Stuart Schneider

This is the most exhaustive book on ball point pens written to date. At 160 pages and 8 1/2" by 11" paperback format, this book includes great illustrations of early advertising and clear text. It is a must for the ball point collector. Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Retail Price: $29.95

Our Price: $25.95

Tools to Jewels

Victorian Pencils
Tools to Jewels
By Deborah Crosby

Published in hard back, this 220 page 9" by 11" is the most extensive guide to Victorian writing instruments ever. It includes a prices as well as an examination of never before compiled information. Great color pictures of these pens and pencils are placed on top of vintage artwork. Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd

Our Price: $59.95


Past and Present The First Six Decades
by Max Davis and Gary Lehrer

This is a full color hard-bound book with 236 pages of photos, published by Max Davis and Gary Lehrer in 2008. This book is packed full of images of Waterman pens and advertising, as well as photos of vintage ink bottles. It's THE reference for Waterman (Waterman's) collectors.

Our Price: $98.00

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