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Calligraphy & Handwriting Books

Write Now book

Italic book

Write Now & Italic Letters

By Inga Dubay and Barbara Getty

Looking to improve your handwriting? Want to learn more about calligraphy, cursive italic, and other writing styles? We now carry two terrific books by handwriting experts Inga Dubay & Barbara Getty which provide a fun and easy approach to improving and expanding your handwriting skills.

"Write Now" offers an adult-level introduction to writing more legibly using italic printing and handwriting. It also offers an introduction to cursive italic writing using a stub, italic, or oblique-edged point, making this a terrific source of information if you're considering one of John's customizations and want to learn more.
Our price $16.95*

"Italic Letters" is a more in-depth work aimed at professional and amateur calligraphers, art teachers, and enthusiasts. Basic Italic, Formal Italic, Chancery, and Cursive Italic are all covered in detail, along with extended instruction in the use of the kind of edged-point customizations which John provides. Our price $23.95*







Left-handed Calligraphy

By Vance Studley

Left-handers are just as likely as right-handers to practice the art of calligraphy, but virtually all calligraphy books are written literally from the right-handers' point of view. This book, by noted calligrapher and educator Vance Studley, presents an introduction to calligraphic scripts including Italic and Cursive with an emphasis on positioning and layouts that will make sense for southpaws.

References to the history of calligraphic script and the usual writing techniques of left-handers make this a fascinating book even for those not practicing calligraphy themselves. And for those lefties who are getting their first oblique or cursive italic customization made by John, this book will be invaluable. Our price $6.95*

Click here to read the review written on this book by our own Jonella.

American Cursive Handwriting

By Michael Sull

Michael Sull's American Cursive techinque takes its inspiration from Arnold Norman Palmer's innovations in the early 20th century. This book provides a basic approach to improving handwriting in a traditional cursive style.

In addition to containing practice sheets, this 349-page wire-bound privately-printed volume also contains historical background on American Cursive, detailed lesson plans, and sources for supplementary materials. Whether you are just seeking to learn more about the value of handwriting, or you are looking to improve your own, this book provides information and guiding tools. Our price $39.00


Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy

By Eleanor Winters

John's customization for Spencerian copperplate is one of the most popular among our customers. This step by step manual by noted calligrapher Eleanor Winters provides a clear and engaging introduction to mastering the art of this calligraphic technique. Along with a fascinating history of copperplate, the book provides a stroke-by-stroke demonstration of each letter, mark, and number, along with sections on color, retouching, and suggested papers. Generous practice pages and ample instructions add to the book's appeal - this volume is a perfect compliment to your Spencerian-modified Nakaya or Falcon pen. Our price $15.95*

* This book does not meet our $25.00 minimum order. Please consider another book, other products or services in order to meet our minimum. If you want only this book, you will be charged the $25 minimum.

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