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For many years now, customers have been asking for the Sailor 1911 Full-Sized Realo Black with Silver Trim. Now it's finally a reality and available here.

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Nib Related Articles
Classic Fountain Pens isn't just about business. We want to be a resource for both new and old nib and pen-collectors alike. So get comfortable and feel free to browse our articles.
PenWorld article: Omas in Bologna
by John Mottishaw
A visit to the Omas factory in Bologna.
PenWorld article: A Matter of Perspective
by John Mottishaw
A New Perspective on Japanese Fountain Pens:
Observations on Lambrou and Sunami’s “Fountain Pens of Japan” by John Mottishaw.
PenWorld article: Deep in the Heart of Sailor
by John Mottishaw
Though Hiroshima is the city most often associated with Sailor, it is actually in the near-by suburb of Kure that the company’s Tenno manufacturing plant is located...

Brushing Up on Sailor Nibs
by John Mottishaw

A recent pen clinic in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by my company, Classic Fountain Pens, and Itoya Inc., the North American distributor for Sailor pens, gave West Coast pen enthusiasts a rare chance to meet Yukio Nagahara, Sailor's chief nib designer...
The True Mettle of Japanese Pens First published in "mono" magazine in the Spring of 2008, read this article in English and see the Japanese original. It reveals how important fountain pens are in Japan.

Why Use Gold Nibs?


Think "ink". Click on the title of the article to find out why.

Smoothing Scratchy Nibs If a person enjoys writing with a fountain pen, it is probably for several reasons. High on the list is the feel of pen on paper, as it glides effortlessly across the surface.
The Anatomy of a Nib The nib is an elegant answer to a question of aesthetics and function. It has a characteristic shape that, with a few notable exceptions, has remained very much unchanged for one hundred years...
Nibs In Germany
by Jack Leone
One key variable is how stiff or flexible the nib is to be. We learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, 18 carat nibs are not inherently more flexible than 14 carat nibs. It depends more on how the gold has been tempered, and the shape of the nib, than the gold content.
Left-hand Writers Left-handed writers have special problems with fountain pens (as well as other challenges).  While just over ten percent of Americans are left handed, they represent a disproportionate number of fountain pen users.
The Quest The middle of America is lush at this time of year, and as I roll towards Fort Madison past prosperous Victorian farm houses, I am inspired to hope the question which has nagged me for so long will shortly be answered...
Nibs in New Haven The driver from Parker Pen Co. is pressing the doorbell of the 16th century farm house where I have just finished the breakfast part of "bed and breakfast"..... navigating the rush hour lanes and motorways to New Haven, the center of Parker Pen Co...
Where's the Iridium? "There is no iridium in the iridium", Kurt Montgomery said to me as we looked over the print out from the EDAX. We were looking at the material analysis of a Waterman's Green #7 nib tip from the 1930's.
How Can We Talk About Iridium? My technical accomplice Kurt Montgomery and I have laid to rest the idea that fountain pens are tipped with iridium. No nib manufacturer that we have found is using iridium for the tipping of fountain pens ...
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